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Preserving Precision, Piece by Piece

Quality watches are masterpieces of intricate engineering, often comprising over 160 meticulously crafted parts. To maintain the peak performance and accuracy of your timepiece, regular servicing is essential. At Jam May May, we are passionate about high-quality timepieces, and our sole dedication is to ensure that each watch we touch performs at its absolute best.

Why Choose Us for Your Watch Service?

Specialized Expertise: Our watchmakers are experts in their craft, with a deep understanding of the complexity of timepieces.

Time-Tested Precision: We go beyond routine maintenance; we restore your watch to its factory precision and performance.

Comprehensive Care: Our meticulous watch service includes every detail to ensure your watch functions flawlessly.

Our Watch Service Includes:

Dismantling of Case: We disassemble your watch with care, piece by piece, preparing it for a thorough inspection.

Oiling and Cleaning: Precision requires attention to detail. We lubricate the components and meticulously clean the movement to perfection.

Gasket Inspection: Your watch's water resistance is essential. We test and replace gaskets as needed to maintain this crucial feature.

Reassembly of Dial and Hands: We expertly reassemble the dial and hands, ensuring a seamless and accurate display of time.

Water Resistance Tests: Your watch's ability to withstand the elements is tested thoroughly to guarantee its reliability.

Our Promise to You:

To stand by our commitment to excellence, each watch service includes 6 months guarantee. We want you to wear your watch with confidence, knowing it has been meticulously restored.

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